Cannon Heritage Consultants, Inc. (CHC) is a conveniently located cultural resource consulting firm in Logan, Utah that provides over 100 years of cumulative professional experience in cultural resource management in the western United States. We also have branch offices in Boise, Idaho and Flagstaff, Arizona. Our office locations allow us to act quickly and efficiently in serving the cultural resource needs of our clients. Dr. Kenneth Cannon, Director, brings over 25 years of experience in the lntermountain West to CHC where he has developed a reputation for providing quality archaeological services, and meeting schedule and budget commitments. The company specializes in the documentation, testing and evaluation of archaeological and historic resources in accordance with state and federal regulations including Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act and its applicable guidelines (36 CFR 800). Other services include Native American Tribal Consultation, NAGRPA, Geographic Information Science (GIScience), geophysical prospecting, historic preservation and architecture, HABS/HAER documentation, management plans, ethnographic overviews, NAGPRA consultation, and bioarchaeology.

CHC is fully outfitted to conduct a range of projects from small surveys to data recovery. We also have staff to conduct lithic and ceramic analysis, faunal analysis, and osteological analyses. In addition to providing traditional cultural resource services, CHC can provide cutting-edge services through our state-of-the-art multiscalar geospatial laboratory. These services include Geographic Information Science, precision mapping and surveying, geophysical prospecting, LiDAR imaging, and high resolution digital aerial photography.

Each of our primary supervisory archaeologists minimally hold a master’s degree, meet the Secretary of Interior’s Professional Qualifications, have over 10 years of experience in cultural resource management in the western United States, and Registered Professional Archaeologists (RPA). Dr. Cannon has worked in the lntermountain West since 1987 on federal land cultural resource management projects. Because of its affiliation with a major research university and staffing by experts in each of their fields, Cannon Heritage Consultants is in a position to offer a superior cultural resource management package to clients.

Cannon Heritage Consultants provides the following critical elements:


Combined, our principals have over 120 years experience conducting top-tier and cutting-edge archaeological research in the American West and beyond. This expertise translates into a superior research product, rapid project turn-around, and seamless coordination with regional, national and local cultural resource management communities.

Public Engagement

A big part of our job is community outreach, public education, and understanding disparate political, ethnic and cultural groups. This puts us in a position to ensure public engagement and NEPA compliance, encourage community support of projects, and enhance the public image of our clients. Our personnel regularly engage in the presentation of their work in public and professional forums.

Competitive Pricing

As a small business enterprise, we have a streamlined management infrastructure, relatively low overhead and reasonable profit margins. We pass these structural and efficiency-oriented savings on to our clients. Five percent of net proceeds are donated to Utah State University to support archaeology students and the anthropology program.

Management Excellence

Our principals are experts at negotiating compliance issues ranging from local preservation legislation to national environmental policy. This expertise results in efficient, robust, and innovative approaches to management plans, coordinating public involvement, and ensuring compliance with NEPA, the NHPA, NAGRPRA and other relavent legislation.

Nimble Project Coordination

Because of our access to cutting edge technology (like GIS and remote sensing), connection to experts in related fields (like history, geomorphology, and paleontology), and ability to draw on archaeological experts throughout the American West, we ensure rapid project mobilization, efficient field and lab response, and short project turn around.

Community Support

CHC is a proud sponsor of the following organizations: Adopt-A-Native-Elder, Cache Food Pantry, Idaho Historical Society, Rocky Mountain Anthropological Association, Society for American Archaeology Native American Scholarship Fund, Society for Historical Archaeology, Sport Logan Soccer, Sublette County Historical Society, The Archaeological Conservancy, Utah Historical Society, Utah Public Radio, Utah State University Museum of Anthropology, Women Scientists in Antarctica, Wyoming State Historical Preservation.